Love It or Hate It, But PHP Cannot Be Ignored At Any Rate!

I’ve been developing web applications for many years which left me mostly casting envious glances at modern web development tools, frameworks, and practices. PHP has been a venerable server-side scripting language that is highly used in web development across the globe. With its roots in C and C++, PHP syntax turns out to be quite similar to C and C++ language syntax due to which programmers find it easy to learn and manipulate. On the other hand, MySQL is used with PHP as back-end tool. It’s basically an online database that can be interfaced very well with PHP. Thus, PHP and MySQL are excellent choices for webmasters looking to automate their websites.

Now anything that is popular is bound to have some naysayers and PHP is no exception. The following post is why some advocates swear by PHP and why some dissenters might swear at it.

Being the most popular web development language by far, PHP offers a small learning curve, ease of deployment, and fast development iteration. With a powerful output buffering, PHP has the potential to increase over the output flow. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that the language can internally rearrange the buffer so that headers come before contents. It is dynamic and therefore works in a combination of HTML to display dynamic elements on the page. Apart from this, the language can be used with a large number of relational database management systems, runs on all of the most popular web servers and is available for many different operating systems.

It offers the following benefits but is not limited to:

• Supports like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc.

• By far it is compatible with servers like Apache, IIS, etc.

• PHP runs on platforms such as Windows, Linux, etc.

• Using PHP to create a is very simple because of the easy functions, methods, and syntax of this language

• PHP also supports database management system and other open source databases

• Not only this, PHP has been compatible with open source software integration, such as Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, osCommerce, etc.

Entrepreneurs across the globe endeavor hard to come up with an effective website without any maintained well. Here is when a PHP website development company in India comes into the picture. No matter what industry you belong to, PHP can serve you for making corporate websites, e-commerce, blog, and social networking portals. Moreover, the language boasts modern capabilities like closures and namespaces, as well as performance and modern framework.

The only drawback is that virtually every feature in PHP is broken somehow. Rather than being predictable and consistent, the language is full of surprises and is inconsistent. And maybe that’s the reason why it is called opaque with no stack traces by default, and saddled with complex weak typing “There’s no clear design philosophy. But overall, PHP is quite easy to use PHP, as it includes simple formats, techniques, and features that can be grasped easily by programmers.

So, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed reading the post! Keep watching the space to know more regarding PHP.


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